The British Style Carvery & Barbecue Night In Cafe BLD at Renaissance Hotel Johor Bahru

Hi!! I'm calling all meat lovers to spend your lovely weekend with family and friends to taste the british style carvery and barbecue night buffet at Renaissance Hotel Johor Bahru!!

From my experience, i love all the meats taste. So tender and flavourful. They have turkey ham, yorkshiro and lamb leg! All of these meats will be served with many different kind of sauce.. You can choose to eat your meat/ham with the sauce of your favourite..

Other than that, you will be serve with any other different kinds of food too. They have pasta, pizza, suhsi, vegetables and many more!

The British Style Carvery & Barbecue Night In Cafe BLD at Renaissance Hotel Johor Bahru

Johor Bahru, 5th April 2019 – As the name of the theme speaks for itself, carvery and barbeque is in the house and it is going to bring in some of the fine imported cuts to indulge our guests in carnivorous fulfillment.

Lamb Leg
The main highlights of the carvery & barbeque night would be the ever tempting lamb leg, some of the most flavourful smoked brisket beef, roasted salmon or butter fish, the sweet and sour ham pineapple , beef or chicken loaf. Lastly, delicious pizzas and sliders will join in the fray to make this carvery & barbecue night even better!

Roasted Salmon
Turkey Ham
Yokshiro! Yang ini daging dia sedap.. lembut je.. Tambah lagi dia ada sediakan pelbagai jenis sos.. so sedap lah makan dengan sos-sos dia tu.
Of course after having all of that meat, have some refreshing vegetable sides so that you can go even further in your carnivorous conquest! Have some of our green peas, carrots, roasted potatoes or onions, corn on cob, broccoli and special cauliflower gratin. Be sure to have some of those vegetable sides to balance out your diet.

This Garlic Broccoli taste amazing!

Hours : 6:30 pm to 10:00pm
Price :
RM 123.00 Nett per Adult
RM 61.50 Nett per Children (Age between 5 to 12 years old)

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Secretaries Lunch Week Buffet
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Get 25% discount if the secretaries drop their business cards
15% discount for Standard Chartered Bank Card holder and 20% discount for Club Marriot Member

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