Easy Steps To Watermark Images In Lightroom

Hi dear readers!
 As a blogger, watermarking images is important because it could prevent your photos from getting stolen and misused. There are many ways  of putting watermarks on your photo but today I want to share with you guys the easiest way of creating watermark on your images by using Lightroom PC and Mobile.

I prefer to use Lightroom rather than Photoshop because it is very convinient and could save your time. By using Lightroom, you can edit, export images and add watermark all at once. Once you have set up your own watermark, it is automatically there everytime you export images. It is different from  Photoshop, you have to edit, add watermark and export the photos one by one.

*I'm currently using Adobe Lightroom 6 for Windows. If you are using Mac, it's going to be a little bit different.

Just follow the simple steps below!!

Step 1
First, open your lightroom,
go to 'Edit' tab above and click Edit Watermark
Once you click 'Edit Watermark', there will be a pop-out window coming out called 'Watermark Editor'
Step 2
Choose the watermark style

There are two watermark style:

Just typing in your name/brand that you want use as watermark.
 Eg- ©Farah Dinah Hassan

Just upload  an image/logo that you want to use as watermark. Make sure the image in PNG format and have the transparent background. 
Eg -

Step 3
Save the Watermark in your Lightroom

To save the watermark, you need to follow the steps stated in the picture below.

1. If you choose Text style watermark,
Text Watermark Tutorial
If you choose Graphic style watermark,

Graphic Watermark Tutorial
Not to forget, when you scroll down the bar, you will find watermark effects. Under the watermark effects, you can adjust, resize and relocate your watermark position.

Step 4
Rename your watermark!

First, choose 'custom' and click 'Save Current Setting as New Preset'

Next, new window will pop-out and just rename it into whatever that you wish to. 
Then, click Create and don't forget to Save.

Step 5
Time to export your photo!

To export, go to file tab and click export.

Next, scroll down and find 'Watermarking'
Tick the Watermark box and choose your watermark.

Step 6
Done! Look out for your photo with watermark!
Text Watermark

Graphic Watermark

For Lightroom Mobile Setting

Go to Preferences > Sharing Options > On Share Watermark Button> Type in your watermark text > Customize Watermark > Done

*Please take note that for mobile only can add  Simple Text Watermark. Cannot add Graphic Watermark.

You can download this app via google play or apps store and it's free don't worry!
Download now!

Sharing Options View

Here is where you can customize, resize, relocate, change font and colour for your watermark.
Example of photo that i edited from Lightroom mobile that have watermark.

That's all for today! 
Any question or inquiry can comment down below!👇

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  1. Kalau saya guna photoshop je. basic. Tapi this tutorial, nice. untuk pengguna software lighthing room~

  2. Thank You Farah..
    Nanti jumpa ajar live pulak ya...

  3. best jugak ek...tapi mana nak carii lightroom yg dengan crack sekali? ada tak..hahahah..nak install

    1. Nak install boleh. Pm tepi nanti.. 😂😂😂

  4. eeee tiberr ase nk nyibukk sekaliii.. nak tahuu in details.. hahahhaa 🤣

  5. kadang2 time rajin guna jugak Lightroom. suka explore try edit2. kadang menjadi kadang celaru hehehe..

  6. kalau nad guan biasa je..hehehe..biasalah kadang nak cepat