Close As Strangers

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Close As Strangers
by Farah Dinah Hassan

It was a bad decision
Neither can be erase nor can be undo
I let you in little by little
I never thought I'd love you the most
You weren't just a special friend to me
but my best friend as well
You said that you won't break my heart
but in the end you're just tearing me apart

Something always brings me back to you
Everything seems so painful
The memories that we've got
The dreams that we've ever dreams of
The hopes that we've shared
Now you've walked away
and said nothing was meant

We're as close as strangers now
You talk to everyone except me
It hurts when we didn't talk at all
We keep on pretending
like we didn't know each other
Can we start all over again as a friend at least?
I wish you were my best friend again
like we were from the start.


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